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Introduction Success and real wealth of any organization lies in its workforce. Based on this slogan, MAS follows a strategy to invest in its human resources by seeking highly competent people who are widely experienced, ambitious, competitive, well-disciplined, and strongly committed to professional ethics and standards of performance. Moreover, MAS pays training and development a big part of its attention emphasizing the importance of polishing the experiences and capabilities of its people and updating them with new tools to improve their performance and keep pace with continuing developments in all fields and, therefore, reinforce the career path of each staff.

In addition, MAS offers a variety of employment benefits and incentive and reward schemes which we can say to be one of the best companies in this field. Hence, if you see yourself capable and meet the criteria we look for and wish to join MAS, please Send your CV to the Human Resources and Administration Dept.

Application for Employment

We are looking for people who work with passion, dedication, and commitment and who are determined to face difficult work challenges. Our goal is to recruit a team of committed professionals who are enthusiastic and energetic, enjoy the joy of working and meet the challenges ahead in a fast-growing organization and work for hand in hand to achieve outstanding achievements.