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Customer Service

Mas International Co has established a sophisticated customer service center equipped with high end technology infrastructure and logistics. the center is staffed with talented and experienced specialists who extend the service in compliance with the highest international standards and best practices.

  • Service provided
  • Direct contact with customers
  • Hotel voucher issuance in Zamzam Tower
  • Managecollection of fees/ installment
  • Telesales
  • VIP customer service
  • Online Payment
For Zamzam Tower customers, you can now pay your dues at the following link
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Zamzam Tower

Zamzam Tower is one of the seven Al-Bait towers Complex. It stands on the same place of land that the historical Ajiyad Castle was on, having a close view of the Holy Mosques of Makkah. The project is few Steps away from King AbdulAziz Gate.
This project is constructed on a plot of land belonging to the late King Abdul Aziz endowments whose properties are invested for the sake of the Holy Mosques in Makkah. Being constructed as B.O.T. (Building Operating Turning over), Zamzam Tower will be first project in Makkah to be executed as B.O.T. This project will be available for utilization for a period of 24 years.
Munshaat Real Estate Projects Company has invested in Zamzam Tower whose area mounting to 91,326 square Meters. The project is 33 floors Containing 1310 luxurious residential Suites.

Facilities and Features:Zamzam Tower provides a range of unique services and advantages that distinguish it as the best residential project in the Gulf Region. These features include:

  • Luxurious suites elegantly furnished according to international 5 star standards.
  • Engineered with an architectural concept matching the religious environment of Makkah.
  • Direct connection to the Holy Mosque open space.
  • Direct view to the Holy Mosques of Makkah.
  • 36 elevators to serve the residents and visitors efficiently.
  • High-tech heating & air-conditioning systems.
  • Grand shopping center on 70,000 square meters including a wide range of brand restaurants and shops.
  • Customized audio system transmitting Azan and prayers from the Holy Mosque direct to the residential suites.
  • Praying space inside the complex and neighboring areas accommodating 50,000 worshippers.
  • Parking lot with a capacity of 1400 cars.
  • Ring roads easily linking the complex to the rest of the Makkah area.
  • Flexible interior design dividing the tower suites into five different types.
  • Round-the-clock security system.
  • Zamzam Tower operated by an international hotel management company “ACCOR.